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This is scaremongering – high buildings DO NOT have to be ugly dystopias although perhaps given the social vision in Ireland this is probably what we would create.

Agreed that they don’t have to be ugly dystopias, PDLL, but scaremongering? I don’t think this is what the tall lobby is arguing for, nor is it what I’m arguing against- it’s really outside the terms of reference of this debate.
However, the thrust of a few of the messages in recent days on this thread has been that height is the answer to the densification problem, but for height to solve this, our simple rules of thumb such as plot ratio and open space requirements would have to be largely ignored. The type of development seen in the pictures is not the inevitable result, but it is a vision (the illogical conclusion?) of what unrestrained growth can lead to- the reductio ad absurdum we would do well to keep in mind.

Also, I just wanted people to see the pictures, which are nothing short of staggering.

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