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i must say i find this very exciting. i honestly thought they would never build it. 32 storeys is very big for dublin. that’s twice the height of liberty hall. the location of this watchtower seems good to me. i think they should build quite a good few of these highrises at this location with a few more directly opposite the liffey. it would give dublin a whole new dimension. having said that, i do believe that highrises should be kept well away from the lowrise historical district. i hope that people post pictures of the watchtower’s progress. i can remember 10 years ago or so when they proposed a much taller one george’s quay plaza as well as the rest yet no proper highrises were built. i’m just glad to see the watchtower going ahead. i hope the finished product looks good. it’s hard to tell from a photo. i do like the sound of an observation platform. i’ll just have to get a look at that.

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