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@Praxiteles wrote:

Believe me: good law may be expensive but bad law is even more expensive.

Yes but how expensive?

The Plain People of Ireland have a right to know what they are being offered.

There are a number of questions for Praxiteles arising from his/her ardent promotion of Ms Spenser as the Fairy Queen of Planning and Environmental Law:

We all enjoyed the lady’s performance in “Debbie Does Queenstown” but – let us be realistic – how could your average planning punter possibly afford fees which would make a multinational pharmachem gasp?

How did FOSCC afford her? Imagine if Ronaldinho togged out for Cobh Ramblers against Kilkenny City! What would he charge?

Are solicitors allowed to advertise on the Internet even indirectly through a Straw Man / Straw Woman?

Is it true that Debbie had to do her stuff for FOSCC because the founder of the practice Arthur Cox was being held to ransom in a Tridentine Indoctrination Camp somewhere in Darkest Africa?

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