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@tyrrp wrote:

Firstly you need to know that the exempt limit is 40m2 not 25.

I’m guessing you thought that he was refering to an extension not a new structure. And as the OP and pico pointed out the 40m2 is for an extension of two stories.
And 25m2 is for sheds etc, but if you intend to live in it then you need PP, You may easily get it, but I understand you would rather do without the hastle of PP.

@tyrrp wrote:

As regards putting up a temp wall to fool the planners well don’t bother. The area of a building is to the outside of the walls not that it matters as you are well under the limit.

Actually total floor area of a building is calculated to the inside of the walls. Measured inside the external wall but including all internal walls or partitions.

You could build an exempt “shed” with no problems, I know plenty of people who “live” in such structures (without permission) without trouble. But then again if it causes trouble with the neighbours, it could become alot more awkward for yourself.
Why exactly are you against going for planning. If you did try and get it the 25m2 or 28m2 wouldn’t matter.

One thing its worth noting is that once you apply to build something that “could” be classed as exempt, then it is no longer exempt for you.

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