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yes council are to blame for not adhereing to their county develpment planor enforcing it, the legislation is there but it is not enforced. the new online planning system is excellent, in fact i am surprised that they have introduced this because they are usually very unhelpful when it comes to giving out information on planning applications if they think you may be objecting or commenting on them. Most councillors will support any buiding application no matter where it is built how it is built or what it looks like. There are a lot more appeals and submissions than before but compared to the rise inn planning applications it is small. The reason there are more appeals is because the developers and locals are coming closer to peoples houses than ever before as the plot s diminish and people who would never have appealled before are finding thremselves surrounded by building sites and are forced to appeal to preserve their immediate enviroment. The majority of people dont care and cant understand why anyone who has land doesnt build as many bhouses as possible on it in order to get as much money as possible, they care about one thing money.

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