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Actually to be fair that is really just along the roads. Get out and walk and you can find plenty of unspoiled landscape. Beautiful county. I havn’t been there yet this year but on my last vist, parts of Donegal felt like, you know that road in Galway from the city out by spiddel to cararoe, that type of thing and it felt like those same mistakes being made again. The only places I saw development being clustered were ‘holiday villages’. Maybe they are nice in the summer but the ones I’ve seen didn’t have adaquate heating for even a short vist in wintertime. [btw How are building certs issued? Is there a special category for holiday homes – and only have to be habitable 6 months?]

Hopefully this years glut of apps will avoid all the earlier mistakes.

I kive in donegal and so I know what is happening on the ground and I can assure you you aint seen nothing yet, The develpopers and the sons and daughters who cant build are trying to build on every place they can site a house. Dunfanaghy is often quoted as an example of bad planning in Donegal but it is happening eveywhere, they are attempting to put high density housing in all small villages in order to maximise profits.Away from the villages evey scenic area is at risk regardless of where it is or what the supposed restrictions are ie; SAC, Cat 3, NHA etc. The restictions and categories are meaningless anyway because no action is ever taken or if it is it usually an application for retention which will be granted. There is not the will in Donegal to protect the enviroment or Landscape either from the local people or politicians, I live in a gaeltacht area and there is also no interst whatsoever in preserving the language if it means putting language conditons or restictions in planning applications. Regarding Building certs, there are conditons attached to permissions for certain one off houses ie; must be the applicant or his family or a member of the indigenous community who will use it as a permanent house but they are meaningles because they are never policed. There are numerous instances of houses with these conditons attached which have a for sale sign in the field before the house starts.
As far as the sons and daughters wanting to build in their own local area, well all the sons and daughters here are building mainly to sell for as much money as possible, and if that means that their neighboiurs sons and daughters cant live in the area because they cant afford the prices because the houses are sold to professionals from cities outside the area for holiday homes well thats their problem, its just grab grab grab…

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