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@alonso wrote:

kinda confused… are you an objector and did the council make a decision before they sent you a copy of the AI? what’s the current status?

if it’s what i think, the decision is invalid and should be appealed on those grounds. It should be quashed and it’ll be back to the drawing board

Hi thanks for the reply,
No I prepared and lodged the application. The Planning decision was due on the 8th of November but nothing arrived, when I contacted the Council in question the administration department didn’t know anything about it until the 10th Nov, when they said FI had just been sent out. I checked with them the following Monday and they told me that their registered post log showed that it was posted out on friday the 10th 2 days late.
My suspicion is that they didn’t get out to the site at all and they asked for a total redesign (the job was a small granny flat) hence the frustration of my client.

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