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Thanks for the input folks.

I was seeing red as I posted that thread yesterday, but now that I have calmed down, I am actually looking forward to the challenge of designing a house that meets my needs as well as stisfying the LCC criteria.

However, as some of you agreed, the 7m ridge height restriction seems excessive and will limit how much of a ‘free reign’ I will have when designing.

I do not wish to appeal as I coundn’t manage another 6 month delay, however, would I have a case if upon the approval application I matched, or at least, did not exceed the neighbouring ridge heights?

I am reluctant ot approach the planner (I know, I know…) to discuss the proposal, as what has happened previously is, I outline my propsals/wishes/requirements to the planner in a pre-planning meeting and she/he/it permits me to propose anything bar what I have outlined as my proposal – just, it seems, out of pure spite! I would actually wager that those reading this familiar with LCC planners, know exactly who I am talking about.

It is for this very reason that there should be planning ombudsman or the like.

If planners do not like the agent, they do not like the design. Simple as.

People say you should go to the senior executive planner if you are making no ground with the planner dealing with your case – but when have you ever seen anybody in a local authrity over-rule one of their own. God forbid.

House #1 – 2 storey with ridge height of 7700mm – built in 1999
House #2 – 2.5 storey with ridge height of 8300mm – built in 2005/6
Proposed dwelling between the above houses – Max Ridge 7m & max 1.5 storey!!!!!!!!!

What gives?

Reason: to protect visual amenity of the area

Can any planners out there let me know;

How much more of a visual impact does a house with a ridge height of 8m have over a house with a ridge height of 7m?????
How much more of a visual impact does a 2 storey house have over a 1.5 storey house?????

This “visual amenity” line given by planners, is far too vague, purely for the reason that, if challenged on it, they can just ‘ryhme off’ a list of alternative trivial items that they deem to unacceptable also.

It all depends on the planner, and unfortunately cetain portions of Co.Louth are far from blessed in that regard.

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