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. I have worked on two major Pierse projects – one for the State and one for a commercial organisation – and can honestly say that Pierse were undoubtedly the worst “builders” I have ever come across. Their attitude to quality, safety and honesty was virtually non-existent. They treated sub-contractors like serfs and the tolerated the clients only because they held the purse strings.

The clients on both projects were lucky that they had excellent design teams who fought Pierse every step of the way and managed to achieve good buildings. Not great. Just good. Of course there were a few good foremen, but they took their directions from the top and were instructed to ignore building regs, codes of practice and quality and chase to the programme. Pierse substituted materials when they saw fit and only when they were caught out did they own up. Protection of finished work was not in the Pierse quality handbook, nor was the idea that work should be sequenced to prevent wet trades following dry trades (put the carpets down then plaster the walls – very Pierse!).

Pierse also habitually failed to honour final payments or agreed dayworks, instead promising their sub-contractors that they would be hired on future projects, but only if the price was right.

Who is to blame? The directors of Pierse, to be sure. But also the State for not having adequate legislation in regard to enforcing building regs. And not to mention Architectural Practices that often wore two hats when dealing with Contractor/Developers – one for the Client and the other as a subservient employee.

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