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I’m not letting that last comment on MacNamara’s stand unchallenged.

I cannot comment on Pierse, having seen little enough of their work, but I doubt they were as bad as you make out.

My experience with MacNamara’s ended back in the nineties, the firm went from strength to strength since then and building failures aare not associated with their work that I am aware of.

(not that I’ve been keeping tabs on them)

However, while my contact with MacNamara’s may be limited, both projects I worked on with them were carried out competently, and their workmanship was certainly up to the industry standards as was their project management.

Any work that was rejected, and this was work done by a sub-contractor on one job, was quickly remedied, and any work practices that were agreed were swiftly put in place.

Where difficuties arose, Bernard MacNamara acted as a hands-on head of company and was involved in any negotiations that had to be dealt with and they were dealt with effectively.

In the Nineties, MacNamara’s were the only building firm I knew employing its own in-house architect to vet their own construction methods and details in order to ensure that they BUILT in compliance regardless of what design information they were issued with.

Sometimes this resulted in rapid exchanges of information on compliance matters where new methods or materials were proposed, but the review by the design team was swift and comprehensive and the call rested with me as the certifying architect.

The general impression I formed was that as long as there was a profit margin at the end of the day, MacNamara’s would bend over backwards to address any and all issues raised by the design team and placed their emphasis firmly on quality workmanship.

For the record, I don’t have any association with Bernard MacNamara or his company apart from this past association, I am not a family friend or colleague and I cannot say we were particularly close on any of the work I did involving their firm.

I grew to respect the man, and he struck me as a tough businessman who understood the bottom line more than most and was committed to delivering a good product for a fair price.

I have already referred your unsupported allegations to the site owner and I would strongly advise you to watch your comments in a public forum.


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