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@Noon wrote:

. . . . are you building in Cloughjordan or were you just extracting the Michael?

Hi noon!

No, just extracting the Michael 🙂

I think the architects for Cloughjordan are ‘Sole Earth’, or possibly ‘Soul Earth’! . . . . . earthlings anyway, almost certainly.

It does exist though and I did recently encounter one of the residents of one of the apparently *three* completed houses.

*Just between ourselves, I have to tell you she was the kind of lady you wouldn’t mind opening your hemp curtains to in the morning and observe bathing in the reed pools, or whatever they do down there*.

Anyway, back to business, it’s an important development, we must persuade someone to post some feedback . . . hopefully with good pictures of the architecture . . . and maybe the community . . . . interacting with nature, . . . yeh, . . . . look forward to that!.

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