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alonso wrote:
Dick Roche just signed the order to remove Tara from the Irish landscape.

Anyway no government with the Fianna Fail Builder Party will deliver for the Irish environment, built or natural. A sad day for the Greens, who will be slaughtered by Kenny, Bruton, Hayes, Rabbitte, Shortall, Gilmore, etc etc as every single FF fuck up rebounds on them. Noel Dempsey got Transport]

Entirely premature

The dumping of Roche and Cullen aka the renault 4 is encouraging!

Dempsey did deals with Michael Smith in environment M3 aside he is not bad on environment. Once M3 is the last unjustified motorway we have entered better times!

Guys like Ryan and Cuffe are fairly cute operators and I’d have little doubt on their ability to handle the populist party.

Reraise this thread in 12 months for a verdict!!

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