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@johnglas wrote:

Or, more simply, why do you need a bus ‘hub’ in the center at all? Buses should go through the centre, not have it as a terminal destination (i.e. no or very little idle time in the centre).

Sorry if I caused confusion!

I didn’t mean redevelop Hawkins House as a bus station for routes to terminate at, instead I meant moving all the bus stops that are currently on Nassau Street (dozens of bus routes stop here) to outside Hawkins House which would allow the buses to take a new route out of the city centre (via Townsend Street) as suggested by Craig. This way, we wouldn’t have thousands of Buses needing to use the “pedestrianised” College Green, and my previous tunnel suggestion could be avoided.

It also puts the dozens of bus routes in close proximity to the Luas, Metro North and DART stops that are planned.

@EIA340600 wrote:

Would that not leave a large unsightly portal right in front of the Houses of Parliament?
I still don’t understand why the buses HAVE to terminate in college green..Bring them through town via another route, terminating outside of the city center.

If a pedestrianised college green is wanted by 2016, a tunnel is not the way to do it.
How long did it take for the port tunnel to get through planning and be built?

Perhaps a tunnel could work if there was a longer time time to do it.

In fairness, at first I also thought it was a map of tunnel entrances, but Craig’s map is of the planned Luas lines and stops.

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