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Crampton Court in Temple Bar- connects Dame Street to East Essex Street down the western side of the Olympia Theatre.

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One question, on a more theoretical/philosophical (?) level- What constitutes a shortcut? This question occurred to me in the ‘How well do you know Dublin?’ thread, where Paul said:
@Paul Clerkin, in the other thread wrote:

I knew I knew it – I used to shortcut through Newmarket from Thomas Street on my way to the SCR

My initial thoughts on reading this were ‘Why is it a shortcut if it’s your route home?’ and more broadly, what’s the difference between a shortcut and the most direct route from A to B? Because some routes do feel like shortcuts and others don’t.

Is it the physical setting? i.e. Narrow lanes, lightly trafficked, building backs and sides rather than fronts.
Is it a route that another mode of transport can’t take? i.e. if you were driving you’d go one way, but on foot/bike you’d take a shortcut, such as a laneway for bikes and pedestrians or walking against the flow of a one-way street, etc.
Or is it something else?

Would somewhere like, say, Andrew’s Lane or Jervis Lane qualify as shortcuts?

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