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im not to sure if these are in the right area but:
there is a lane you can take from abbey street all the way up to parnell street parallel to capel street but avoiding any traffic(car and human),coupled with temple bar,millenium bridge and ‘little italy’ you can go straight trough the city centre on a very pedestrian safe journey!

there is a small(dodgy) lane behind some flats between townsend street and the quays,wont cut hours of any journey but if your looking for somewhere youll never see life in…

if moore street isnt dodgy enough for you there is always an even dodgier lane parallel to it!

if that dont float your boat check out the warren of ‘shortcuts’ through the flats behind guiness’s near marrowbone lane!

the last few here arnt exactly shorter but they’re a lot more ‘intimate’ and a lot less used than common throughfares!

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