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There seems to be an informal archiseek tradition of reusing/resurecting old threads, so I thought I’d try it here.

I found this old photograph of Pearse St. while dicking about on the web:

It took quite a while for me to find my bearings with the photo as the corner building mirrors Doyles Pub across the street which I found very disorienting. The giveaway is the firestation tower in the background behind the wierd christmas tree thing or whatever it is.

Nothing particularly remarkable about it really but what stands out for me are the Townsend St. buildings in the background. I’ve always fondly imagined having the power to knock the Screen cinema and the disgusting An Post building beside it and reinstated the street scape. In particular, if you were imaginative with a replacement corner building (on the Screeen cinema “plaza”), you could terminate the vista from Fleet St with the front of a building instead of having it point into the side of An Post building.

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