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The worst of all possible scenarios aside from wholescale demolition has come to pass in respect of the fomerly delightful pair of classical townhouses at No. 133 and No. 134 Pearse Street, as catalogued above this time last year.

The pictures below serve to demonstrate the disastrous consequences of an historic building not being protected.



These completely unique transitional style houses as built within the old city boundary have been utterly mauled.

Every single facet of their original fabric and detailing aside from the actual brick facade has been ripped out and replaced with ignorant, cumbersome and thoroughly offensive replicas.

The greatest crime of all has been the complete loss of the original charmingly diminutive doorcases, as recorded by Devin earlier.

© Devin

Not even the simple spoked fanlights with original glass escaped the heavy hand of this ‘luxury restoration’,

Shockingly, every part of these unique entrance doors has been replaced with a laughably clunky replica.

A satirised Downing Street comes to Dublin, complete with raised and fielded 18th century panels.

The columns appear to be cast from sections of painted Wavin pipe.

Meanwhile the windows, oh mercy the windows…

The absence of glazing bars, the double glazing, the beading, the horns, the catches, the total loss of original frames and shimmering glass – mammy make it go away, please….

Bye bye original simple spoked railings, hello well – what exactly?

High Victoriana crossed with a fire escape.

Bolted with a decorative flourish. Lovely touch.

Meanwhile up on the roof, all of the orginal natural slating has been removed and replaced with synthethic muck.

Indeed it would appear the roof structure hasn’t even been investigated, while the chimneys continue to rot as ever. Also as can be seen, the brickwork has been brashly repointed, although al least it’s lime mortar.

I simply dread to think what has happened inside. not least as it was proposed initially to significantly extend the rear, plonk a mansard roof on top, and squeeze six apartments onto the site, before being refused by DCC on grounds of over-development, lack of open space and non-compliance with minimum apartment sizes. Critically, there’s absolutely no reference online to any of these recent works acquiring planning permission.

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