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Nice photos of the Academy, Graham. It does seem to be a first-rate conservation job to the front.

I’m pretty sure there weren’t any sash windows left in it before restoration, so all of the windows must be new. Thus the old glass must also be replica or salvage. I’m a bit uneasy about this practice; the charm of old glass is that it survives by chance – an odd pane here and there, so falsifying its haphazard survival is a bit dubious.

Regarding the rear extension, while I would be the first to decry the greedy, artless shoving of an oversized new building up next to an older one (and there’s a fair bit of it happening these days), I think the result in this case is not too bad. The reason being that there is already a larger structure (the concert room/cinema) attached onto the rear of the classical, front portion of the building. It does look quite crude and bulky alright in that view from the Dart, but the impact from the street is not too bad.

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