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Why is it that modern-day Georgianistas must build to intimidate original Georgian development?!
It’s as if they’re saying ‘this is how it’s done’ – ‘you could learn a thing or two from us’ :rolleyes:

Yes – aside from the fact that the unusual annex should not have been delisted in the first instance, aside from pastiche not being needed here, and aside from the scale of the proposed development – the design is utterly woeful!
Look at the ground floor there, it’s like an 1800 row of tiny fishermen’s cottages on a dirty little lane that have had pediments tacked on, and oh, four storeys piled up on top.

The proportions, both in themselves and in relation to the area are so way off the scale it looks like a joke.
And why do developers always insist on using British Georgian over here too?! Mansard roofs indeed…
(though yes you see the odd one down south)

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