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On the whole I dont find pastiche terribly offensive. My main problem with it is defining it…. is building in a traditional style ‘pastiche’ or is it just a term used for poor replicas of previous buildings. I think Batchelors Walk works well enough (although whats behind those facades is the very worst of 1990s planning) although I agree its a bit twee and cheap. Still the atttemp to at least incorporate some variety of elements into the scheme is to be commended. Looking at the 1960s pictures… Im not at all sure what as there before was any better apart from its originality. It certainly doesnt scream ‘centre of a capital city’ to you.

On the subject of pastiche (my general understanding of it) check out the new facade of the Thing Mote on Suffolk St. Good God! A ‘replica’ of Donoghues on Merrion Row. Absolutely horrendous. A subject for my thesis: ‘why are planners such gombeens!’

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