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The picture also shows that the principal front of the original was to the right (sorry, don’t know the area so don’t know the orientation or street names), whereas following the extension the impression now given is that the old front has become the side elevation. I know the Georgian tradition of planarity and the hierarchical arrangement of streets had waned significantly by the time this bank was built, but vestiges of it remained as the picture shows. These vestiges have now been destroyed, reinforcing the point made earlier that the issue of pastiche is often related to the wider context rather than simply to the individual structure and the merits of pastiche extension.

On a related point earlier in this thread, someone (phil? Graham?) asked about modern buildings being replicated- the only case I can think of is the cheap knock off of the Lisney building on SSGreen. I wouldn’t be a huge fan of the STW original, but the derivative sister is a sham.

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