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@Graham Hickey wrote:

Often wondered why that posh plant place stayed open there given the value of the site – it’s only a shed!

I’d have to see the location to comment, but if the site adjoins the hotel, there’s no reason why anything but a contemporary building go up: at a corner, and adjoining another modern building.
But I don’t think it is next to it – isn’t there a couple of Georgians next door (with particularly bad grey-painted replica sashes)?
Think one of them has a famous-person-lived-here plaque too…

If a replica house helped to esablish the nature of Harcourt Street from this crucial introductory point of what is the city’s most picturesque and most complete in form of Georgian streets, helping to reinforce the streetscape then yes, I for one would advocate a replica…

There are a few Georgians in between of which at least one was extensively renovated with a lot of additions to the joinery this one is one of the bars in the hotel, the house was occupied by Roger Casements fellow student Edward Carson.

I agree a well executed pastiche would be acceptable at this location

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