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It’s interesting to consider the current Ballast House; whereas it’s pastiche, and not great either, I’m not sure most people would want to see it go! It’s a tricky one as the ‘historic’ nature of it does help define the character of the city centre and it is a bridge to the past of sorts. Yet having a large pastiche on one of the most prominent sites in the entire city is decidedly dubious at best.
From an objective perspective it’d be knocked in the morning, yet with its history and in the context of what happened to the city at large it does stand as something of a ‘fond’ – if that’s the word – reminder of water under the bridge, similar to O’Cll Bridge House in a way…

I agree Devin that contemporary design is more than capable of complementing streetscapes and neighbouring buildings – Stephen Court being one of the best in the city to use a well worn example – not to mention rather good in its own right.
Such ‘low-key’ design can be highly effective, albeit rarely executed. Again to stress, pastiche should not be thrown all over the place – I’m constantly hearing people talking about proposed new developments next to older ones and saying ‘God I hope they use an older style – make it fit in you know’ ‘Ah yes make it nice and traditional – in the old way yknow’ etc – and you’d just cringe at the lack of interest in modern design.

I always think of pastiche as being something nice that you’re not allowed have – just like the Dundalk bank you do feel a degree of moral indignation yet at the same time feel like stamping your foot like a child – ‘but look at it, it’s nice, I want it!’
It’s funny, often thought of being interested in architecture and then looking at pastiche and liking it is akin to being a child in the 50s ‘having bad thoughts’. 😀
20 Hail Marys it is then – I’m so ashamed 🙁

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