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@phil wrote:

It is even more fake because it is trying to hide the reality from the viewer

Well this is it isn’t it – who says it’s trying to hide the reality? Depends what way you look at it – is it trying to look like a Victorian, i.e 19th century building, or is it simply using an architectural style? Or is it a combination of the two? Is it implied in pastiche that your’re trying to fool someone as to its age?

I like the Harry Block quote – Philip Schlesinger wrote a lot on this topic. It’s a real Liveline favourite with the cranks – tradition in a large part is indeed illusion, and peddled by those dependant upon the maintainance of the status quo.

Proper use of pastiche as I’d see it though would not be necessarily dependant upon ‘tradition’ though – but where there’s a suitable precendent for pastiche it tends to inject it with increased credibility.
It’s intersting – I’ve often pointed out that Ulster Bank people to people and they’ve always said the same things – really? that’s brand new? I never even noticed. What a decent job. how sympathetic etc.
Although yes I shouldn’t be using this as an arguement as these are also the picket-fence brigade (dare I say ‘the public’) who also favour lots of other unmentionable Archiseek-loved goodies 🙂

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