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@what? wrote:

if it doesnt undermine the originals why would you have a sick feeling knowing every second building is fake?

There is a line that must be drawn in areas where there are originals I think. Yes by definition of saying there’s a line one implies that pastiche is a negative thing. But if possible a pastiche building should try to be as ‘true’ as possible by replicating a building that was on the site before unless the context has changed and it would be inappropriate.

Otherwise I do see your point – at the same time there is a difference between building most of a street in pastiche and a single infill location.
But yes, I completely acknowledge what your’re saying what? I don’t claim to know the answers – clearly I am not educated in this field, nor am I an architect. I just get frustrated at seeing contemporary arhitecture going up in some sensitive loactions simply by default – the convention of always having to be different.
I don’t think that in all cases you are undermining the older building by pastiche, there is a big distinction to be made between affecting the ‘building’ and affecting the architecture. This is the foundation of the entire pastiche debate.

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