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@phil wrote:

I can’t see your logic there Graham. By doubling the building the focus shifts from the corner to the central piece of what I assume is now one whole building.

From the perspective of attracting attention directly to the actual corner then yes the original would have been better. But from the viewpoint of consolidating the two streetscapes as a whole I think the enlarged building does a better job.
Regarding 1930s buildings, yes there are very few such examples, let alone decent ones in this country. What I mean by the 1930s is the modern movement as a whole, and how it becomes more acceptable to replicate such architecture when necessary despite being but a handful of years away from classical/traditional architecture where it is considered taboo.
I wouldn’t agree with meddling with the Gas Building or any other landmark or high quality architecture either (not that the Gas building exactly stands up internationally anyway) but the difference in attitudes is marked.

I must admit the Dundalk building is not exactly a location that ‘needs’ pastiche and certainly wouldn’t be top of my list of suitable locations. As you can see in the pics, next door there’s a 2-storey developer thrown-up scheme of shops and offices (which is a scadalous use of town centre space, esp when so many people are commuting from vast numbers of estates cropping up all round the town) that just went up before the Ulster Bank extention.
What would have been preferable would to have created a statement piece of contemprary architecture all along here right up to the original bank incorporting its extention – or second best placing it alongside in a similar style. Alas this didn’t happen – it would have created a wonderful contrast with the town’s magnificent couthouse across the way.

Because of the circumstances I think the pastiche solution was at least as acceptable as a contemporary piece would have been sandwiched between the crap and the Bank.

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