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I know this is a tricky area but we are currently applying for planning permission for an extension to our house. We live beside a GAA pitch. The GAA built a wall between us in the 1960’s. Because the site is so tight (7ft) we are looking to build the external wall with cavity blocks on top of the existing party wall.
This is generally very bd construction. How do you propose to insulat this wall? Cavity blocks are only really for sheds now.

The GAA gave a verbal agreement and then went to a solicitor and said no.

We are not really doing it for space down stairs but will gain 3 ensuites and two walkin wardrobes and a larger bedroom.

What is the situation with this?

Can the GAA just say no and that’s the end of it?
It is there land, and you’ve no right to build on or over it.

Would the fact that our house was there first have any effect on the situation?
Only if the wall is in the wrong place.

The foundations of the wall come in by about 2ft and prevent us from building on our own side, would this matter?
The foundations of the wall dont prevent you from building. The foundations of the wall ar probably not strong enough to support the extension

Also there is a 15 year old shed at the side of the house and the roof has been on top/ overlapping the party wall. Does this effect any discion, the fact that we have been using the party wall for the last 15 years.
I wouldn’t think it would matter as the shed shouldn’t have been built like that in the first place


building close to a boundary causes alot of problems. Even building beside it causes problems as the soffit often overhangs the boundary.

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