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Can I take it that the lovely Japanese-inspired library didn’t survive the reordering?:rolleyes:

It looks like they got what they wanted – a cleared site – as I presumed they would. But can one really complain in advance to a planning authority based on a hunch? they hardly have time to deal with the enforcement cases already on their books, never mind the ones that have yet to happen.

I wonder will they now go back for another application, deciding that they don’t want a family home after all but wish to apply for a 4-storey apartment building.

Sure I have views on the non-compliance with statutory notices, but what does it matter?

PS Thomond Park- in one of your earlier posts in this thread you quoted a section of the DCC Dev Plan regarding protection measures for non-Protected Structures, then you edited your message to remove the salient facts. Any chance you could re-post the info in the interests of the common good? It is particularly relevant now in the light of this wholesale demolition- surely exactly the type of case this Dev Plan policy was designed to avoid?
Thanks in advance.

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