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I photographed it a few weeks ago on the assumption that it just might be swept away, not that it actually would be! Very disappointed to hear of its demolition.

A curious structure that possibly has early 18th century origins. It’s also quite similar in style to the former Rubrics courtyard in Trinity and the early form of the 1712-1717 Castle works. The stock brick chimneys are clearly 19th century.

Render being stripped. It must have been lime – it walked off.

Interesting former window opes revealed.

And enormous roof trusses.

Some of the demolitions to rear at that time – presumably this has all since been cleared. A lot of stone in there.

I’m sure all development options were considered, buit I think it a shame that the HQ could not have been moved off-site, and the entire historic enclosure maintained as a cathedral quarter, with museum etc. A site swap with the National Archives in a few years time could have been ideal…

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