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On that OPW Garda Divisional Headquarters which is going on site at the Kevin St. / Bride St. corner, I take it that no archiseek posters have any info on the proposed development.

This is a photograph of the site taken last week. Today, they were knocking down the stone building that has the scaffolding on it in the picture.

I had thought that the reference to ‘demolition of a two storey stores’ refered to the structure adjoining the Garda station at the back of the site (the pile of rubble in the photograph).

I know it may only have bee a 19th century structure, but it was well built, in good condition, and had a striking steeply pitched roof. Surely it wouldn’t have been that hard to work it into the re-development, it could have been an interesting foil to a contemporary corner structure.

Another example of a Development Plan objective not counting for much.

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