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Speeking of the OPW and their furtive doings, I see that a new hoarding has gone up around that long derelict site on the corner of Bride Street, opposite Kevin St. College.

It turns out OPW are building a new Garda Divisional Headquarters here, linked through to the existing Kevin St. Garda station next door.

This is one of those ‘State Authority Works’ that doesn’t go through the normal planning process. There is a Planning Ref. 4751/07, but the drawings are not on the DCC website. The notice states that the drawings were available to view for a few weeks last august, in 51 Stephen’s Green.

Did anyone see these by any chance?

The description doesn’t particularly inspire:

Demolition of existing 2 storey store etc. (I hope that is not the good stone structure with the steeply pitched roof near the former Shell station on Bride St.). . . new 2 – 3 storey building with flat roof on western boundary . . . 5 storey building (with14m high mast) on eastern boundary (Bride St.) with monopitched glazed link in between . . corner entrance.

Coincidently, the IT carries a feature today on the desirability of creating a ‘Museum of Dublin’ with good contributions from Peter Walsh and others. I heard, last year or the year before, that DCC were looking at the Kevin Street Garda Station, former St. Sepulchre’s Palace, as a possible site for such a museum.

I presume the OPW put their dead hand on that little idea.

Where you would develop a ‘Museum of Dublin’ is probably a discussion for another day, but at St Audoen’s Church (both) and Cook Street / Cornmarket always looked like an option to me.

Still on the subject of Dublin not having a ‘Museum of the City’, I passed by the windows in the Civic Offices the other day, where you can look down into the basement, and it looked like someone had gattered up all the random stones that used to be associated with the remnants of the city wall here, and piled them into skip bags. Remember when we were supposed to get a ‘New Civic Museum’ under the bunkers to celebrate the Viking City that building the bunkers destroyed?

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