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I got a couple of aerial shots on Google, but they’re not distinct enough to tell what the west facade looked like. We are making a bit of an assumption that this was the main facade of the building, just based on the east elevation appearing to be the back.

Was it a stores or a stables, with living quarters over? I don’t know. I know of a, bang up to date, four storey house in the Kilmainham area dating to c. 1725, which had a similar nearly blank back wall and chimney arrangement that was totally stone built in an era that was dominated by brick usage, so that type of structure did exist in Dublin. It may have been a house for someone associated with the cathedral, that was converted in the 19th century to something else with a new roof and chimneys.

There’s an estate map by Kendrick from about 1750, but the only versions of it that I’ve seen are copies of a map by Drew in 1890 that is supposed to be based on the Kendrick map. It seems clear from the Rocque map that this building (or it’s predecessor) was part of the palace complex, was entered through the complex and probably was designed to address the complex, it certainly wasn’t some random building on an adjacent site, which is kind of what it looked like in more recent times. The fact that the building in question makes no impact on the Drew map may not mean that it wasn’t significant in Kendrick’s time, just that the significance may have been lost by 1890.

This copy of the Drew map and a view of St. Sepulchre’s Palace come from ‘The Liberties of Dublin‘ ed Elgy Gillespie 1973

I don’t want to labour the point, but if the stone building merited the closer examination that it apparently got in the last few days, with the render being knocked off (presumably for the purposes of making a record of the structure prior to demolition), why wasn’t that process of examination carried out last year, before any final decision was made to demolish the structure, a contract to the develop the site signed, and the hoarding put up?

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