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Yes, thanks again Devin for the picture, I hope you didn’t have to do anything too unpleasant to get it.

A couple of quick thoughts on the building:

It very much office park aethetic rather than civic building

The atrium feature is reminiscent of the McCullough Trinity Library, rising a storey higher than the higher of the two blocks. If the atrium runs the full length of the building, as it appears to do, it’s joing to be very prominant from the west (the St.Swpulchre’s Palace side).

To me, the long curved range looks curiously top heavy and the non apparent support at ground level, combined with the heavy banded design, looks a bit Corb without the pilotis. The new office block on the corner of Lower Mount St. and the Canal does the same thing. I think this might work better if the ground floor was double height, or if the support was expressed. I could be wrong.

That brief moment when it looked like contemporary architecture was going to engage with a historical context in a contrasting but sensitive way, I take it that moment has passed.

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