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I think you’re being a small bit harsh there Devin. If DCC had wanted to impose it’s will on this site, it would have found a way. It’s only because the proposal is for a Garda facility that the OPW didn’t have to go through the normal planning process, but they still have to go through that process on everything else that’s not security related. Surely a bit of leverage could have been applied.

It could be that the proposed new Garda structure is going to be fantastic, I just don’t have any information on it beyond what was supplied in the planning notice. In the absense of any persuasive argument for the new development, it not unnatural to be a bit concerned about the structures being demolished

My issue with the OPW is that, on the face of it, the site would appear to hold the key to the ultimate conservation and re-use of St. Sepulchre’s Palace, in some cultural capacity, (it was reported that a ‘Dublin City Museum’ was being actively considered), and to develop the site in advance of any master plan for St. Sepulchre’s would seem to be ill judged.

johnglas, I wouldn’t waste too much time on that map, very little of that streetscape is recognisable today and even fewer of the buildings survive. You do know that a dissatisfaction with the present state of things, a fondness for the classical, messing about with maps, that’s how you know who got started, nein!

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