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@johnglas wrote:

Why take off all the render if all they’re doing is demolishing it? Any chance they might be going to rebuild it as part of the new dev? If not, then all I can say is that An Taisce, the RIAI and DCC are just a bunch of wimps for allowing it to happen.
Anyway, St Sepulchre’s should have a much more appropriate use; judging by the news the ‘Guardians of the Peace’ are scratching their arse in their barracks while the yobs are terrorising the streets.

johnglas, maybe you should investigate the planning circumstances of this before going shooting your mouth off about about various bodies. It’s a Part 5 planning application, which basically means that the applicant – the OPW in this case – can grant themselves permission for it. DCC is not the planning authority; it can only make observations (<a href=">%20DCC’s Observations). An Taisce also objected on the basis that the that the nature and extent of the medieval enclosure of the former St. Sepulchre’s Palace complex had not been adequately investigated and identified in the application, and because of the demolition of a late-17th/early-18th century building forming part of such a significant historic complex, which potentially incorporated reused medieval masonry. Afaik the DOE also objected. But the OPW have gone ahead with it …

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