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gunter: thanks again for your time and trouble – how did you guess I was a map-freak? I will now spend hours pouring over that and speculating on the might-have-beens! yes, the ‘organic’ development of townscape is squanderd at our (or, more accurately, the city’s) peril. It completely reinforces the view that there is a potential ‘cathedral close’/major ‘heritage’ quarter struggling to get out there. Bite the bullet, pedestrianise most of it and acquire some vision! Edinburgh might be dour, grey and up its own arse (and actually very English now), but it has a strong vision of itself. This part of Dublin could be a real ‘medieval quater’ (OK, I’m not suggesting Disneyfication) in terms of atmosphere, enclosure and layout, but – alas – not much chance of it I reckon. Copshops are places for the populace to avoid if they can help it and since that use seems to be consolidating, the area will be lost to the public forever.

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