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johnglas, The structure in question was never a street frontage building, it was on the inside of a fairly dense urban block until road widening occured in the 1960s.

The building is outlined in red on this O.S. map from the 1940s. I’ve put a blue box around a probable 17th century building in the Garda complex that had it’s render knocked off a while back revealing good early brickwork, and was then promptly, and crudely, re-rendered in case anyone got notions about it’s worth.

You can see from the photographs already posted that the stone building was a significant structure and it looked to be in pretty good order. The DCC Development Plan goes on about the sustainable re-use of older structures, ‘though they may not be protected structures,’ and the site is state owned and borders on a very important medieval enclave, that’s the infuriating part, would there ever be a better case for the imaginative retention and re-use of such a structure?

Incidentally, look at the effortless way that small urban spaces were made, just at the junction of streets, by recessing the frontages slightly in contrast to the narrowness of approach streets.

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