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not forgetting the fine theses from bolton street!!!



Brighdin Ni Mhaille, DIT

We wish to commend the Cork Film Centre project by Brighdin Ni Mhaille for its urban regeneration intent and specific site response.


Siobhan Murphy, DIT

We commend Siobhan Murphy for her masterplan strategy for Holy Cross College, Drumcondra, Dublin, which gives a focus and future direction for an institution, while allowing for evolution and change over time.


Geoff Brouder, DIT

We commend the Centre for Film & Drama for UCD by Geoff Brouder for its approach to place-making on a section of campus where no shape or place presently exists.


Lorna Browne, DIT

We highly-commend Lorna Browne for her project in the north inner city called ”Diversity — a Multi-Cultural Market & Meeting Place. Her research, analysis and thesis proposals address the new Ireland of cultural diversity and urban renewal in a quality culturally-sensitive and site-specific way.

Award Winner

Gemma Ginty, DIT

We make the Opus Student Award to “Continuum — a Crematorium on the Threshold”, by Gemma Ginty. This is a powerful and imaginative thesis, thoroughly researched both in terms of the ritual of death and the architectural expression of loss in time and place. The flow of space, the ingress of light and the visual link to a renewing landscape are handled with rare skilled and humanity.

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