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Where does the future of one off housing lie, will new proposed policies even be implemented?

Until a national standard for rural and even urban housing is implemented, a design guide if you like, the future of rural housing is never going to be certain… i.e. case study from co. Clare. A local girl has been trying for years now to build on a plot of land of which her father owns. There are two neighbouring houses to one side of this site, each owned by two of her sisters, granted planning permission in the last five years. The LA want her to move her site for fear of Ribbon development. Unfortunately their is nowhere else she can go, besides try and purchase a new site, but then has the dilema of not being able to afford to build. New guidlines are supposed to give preference to local people building on their own land. Just 500 meteres down the road, the LA granted permission for a dozen or more holiday homes. I think that speaks for itself….

The next government whoever it will be, needs to change things, as I believe and know of cases where corruption rules the halls of the LA and anyone who doesnt have the money and brown envelopes will have little chance. Developers need to be investigated. How they get planning in some areas is beyond belief, even planning for residential in green belt or industrial zoned areas.

Dont get me wrong, there are some excellant developers who put alot into housing estate appearances, but others who cut corners and go the not so legal route about getting planning.

Answer to your question… I cant see it happening for a long time.. perhaps we need an independant body to investigate this, besides An Bord Pleanala.


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