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the only local service provision need for rural houses is electricity…and seeing as we can get ‘the lectric’ to islands off our coast it should not be an unreasonable request to service every dwelling…..

those ‘economy’ obsessed of you do not understand the ideology of rural living… rural houses should aim at being as autonomous as possible… from both an input and output viewpoint… this may seem to some of you as a ridiculous pipe dream… but thats, in my opinion, should be the rural ideology…….

and i will bring whomever i wish into any argument i want….

rural landscapes have been blighted by the failure of the planning process…. failure to have the balls to refuse permission based on bad architectural design, bad dwelling siting, inadequate geological topography….

i have spent the last 3 weekends driving around connemara villages of carna, kil kerian, recess etc and i have seen examples of complete visually defication (usually happens to be late 70’s to early 90’s examples of ‘bungalow blight’ monstrosities)….. but i have also seen some beautiful comtemporary dwellings that complement the landscape in an unimposing enhancing way…..

there seems to be a perception that the ‘urban’ lifesytle needs to be reproduced in rural settings… this could not be further from the truth….. yes, i agree that ‘site harvesting’ is a serious issue, but not one that should negate the truely pastoral from achieving their preferred lifestyle… you can always return to your concrete jungles in your suvs and bmws after visiting ‘the natives’…. like any screaming child its great when you can hand them back…..

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