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“The land is on the coast, so it would be a shame not to build something that took advantage of the views of the atlantic, but I am a bit concerned about local planners attitudes to a non-traditional house.”

The first porblem is zoning, will a one off house be allowed on the land. If zoning is a problem this may be overcome if there is an older house on the land whcih is to be replaced or refrubished. Regardles of the above th elocal authority may have a residency (family/work) link requirement. Even though I think this is constitutionally flawed and in clonflict with a number of EU declarations/regulations it can be the most problematic. It does appear that you have the requiste linkage with the area.

Option 1 where there is no impediment and no restriction on a one off house.

The site is the key issue. A full analysis of the site will indicate the correct approach form an architectural (including enviornmental) poiint of view. (“Views” may compromise this approach).

Option2 where is some impediment but there is an existing building.

The site is also key but re-occupying the existing is a more appropriate approach.

Option 3 where there is a lot of impediment to building anything

Employ a suitablly ualified and experienced architect and argue the case first at local level and then at ABP level.

Option 4

Instigate a mini competition, through Archeire or others to establish best practice.

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