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@Carrigaline wrote:

Yeah, a cosy, comfortable little village that enriches the life of a very few while the many are forced into debt-slavery in order to afford a home two hours away from work.

I’d love to know what percentage of those working in the AIB centre in Ballsbridge can actually afford to live close to work.

Couldn’t agree more.
Fact is, the lovely semi-d-filled inner suburbs are past their sell-by date in a city on its way to having a “metro area” population of 2 million. They’re a bad use of land, they’re part of the reason Dublin’s a sprawling mess. How big would the public debate be if this proposal was for, say Inchicore or Cabra? And I doubt very much the debate would be raging if the tower wasn’t so big.
Of course one high-rise residential scheme isn’t going to solve our low-density problem, but it’s the general direction we should be going in. Seems to me the natural place to start is in a wealthy central location where the cost of land is at a premium!
Yet the debate is all about a developer’s gall in wanting to make a profit on the pricey land he just bought. Well… duh.
I say let’s get over this high rise-phobia, stop pandering to the NIMBYS blessed to be living in their precious patch of D4 and start complaining about the latest tract of farmland to fall to suburbia instead.

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