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Morlan wrote:
Ballsbridge is no place for 37 storeys. Locals will rightfully object and it will be finally reduced to 16 storeys at the most. Seán Dunne will still make a profit – that’s why he proposed 37 storeys in the first place.

There’s still a few spots left in Sandyford or Tallaght for projects like this. We can all assume that the Docklands is a no-go area for highrise at the moment.

It’s a damn shame. Dublin is following in London’s & Bimingham’s footsteps]

but whty tallaght and that not aping the london/birmingham model as you suggetst… why do you say ballsbridge is no palce for highrise but tallaght or sandyford are?

I believ this area could be wellserved by one highrise landmark builing?

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