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@mickletterfrack wrote:

my heart bleeds for you, took me ten mins door to desk and that was stopping for a cup of tea on the way. If I were you Id write a strongly worded letter to my local design conscious developer.

woop de fucking doo – isn’t it great to be able to live close to where you work rather than having to rely on Irish Fail because planning in this country is seriously fucked up. High end high rise will prove that this form of development can work (unlike Ballymun – Hardly Central Park West was it) and then people will see that you can have good high rise and the effect will trickle down to other (affordable)developments – then we all may be able to live a bit closer to the city and where we work, have a decent quality of life and enable the densities necessary for a decent public transport system

But perhaps you could change your name to “I’mAlrightJackLetterfrack” since that seems to be your attitude

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