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@massamann wrote:

Then again, why does it matter if Sean Dunne makes a profit as long as the design succeeds? Is this not the main question? Personally, I’d prefer if a design conscious developer made money, so that they can afford to take their design conscious ass and develop another site. Or am I missing something here? :confused:

Yeah you are missing alot here in fact, this has nothing todo with a design conscious developer, it has everything todo with a greedy developer whos ego and vanity got the better of him and so he paid an over the market price and now has to make his money back. The design is the money.

@massamann wrote:

In fact, given that Sean Dunne is far richer than I am, and as he could probably retire tomorrow if he wanted too, it’s probably less about the money for him than it is for me. Damn.

In fact your missing the point here again, ECB interest rates have risen from 2% to nearer 5% in the couple of years since SD bought this property so he in fact needs this money far more than you think

@alonso wrote:

In And if this scheme is successful we can finally throw off the shackles of high rise in Ireland whereby every ignorant buffoon, when confronted with anything over 6 storeys retorts “not another Ballymun”.

probably the same ignorant buffoons who said Ballymum would never work in the first place, how wrong history has proven them. … plonker

@Rory W wrote:

Spot on Alonso – as someone who was 2 hours late for work this morning due to train failure on the (grim up) northern line I’d sooner see this sort of development act as a catylist for decent high rise in the CC so that it (a) civilises high rise living and the city centre as a place for families (b) develops sufficent density for a proper metro and (c) stops the constant sprawl of dross which is destroying this country

my heart bleeds for you, took me ten mins door to desk and that was stopping for a cup of tea on the way. If I were you Id write a strongly worded letter to my local design conscious developer.

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