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@mickletterfrack wrote:

the whole base premise for the developemnt is not about merit of design or future of Dublin its about the money and Sean Dunnes finances are the biggest single driving force that are dictating the restructuring of the area and the whole Irish architectural landscape as has been the case with the bulk of Irelands CT architectural developments, its never been about bettering JoePublics lifestyle its been about the money.

And there was I thinking developers developed for nothing. Of course it’s about money. Along the way it helps if it improves on what’s there, ie, a bunch of drab horrible buildings that are past their sell by date. That’s what this debate is about. The issue of Dunne making a profit is so obvious it doesn’t need to be mentioned, it’s what all developers do. The issue of high rise for Ballsbridge is not a hard one. There is no village centre, it’s walking distance from the city centre and close to major public transport links. In short it’s probably the best location in Dublin for high rise along with the docklands. This thing of oh it’s unsuitable for Ballsbridge when there’s relatively tall buildings in the area – dating from the 1970s in the main, when there was much lower densities than are presently allowed – is nonsensical.

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