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i haven’t seen the revised application so I have no idea how appropriate it is in terms of interacting with Pembroke Road; which is to my mind a very attractive urban space with two of the best early commercial office schemes built in Dublin in Texaco and the US Embassy which is a much finer example than their London equivelent.

That said two issues I think are relevant to the discussion; firstly the scheme is no longer controlled by Sean Dunne, it is controlled by the syndicate of banks that lent money for this scheme on the strength of assets that he no longer owns.

Secondly the site is a couple of hundred metres from Dart at Landsdowne Rd; with a high quality transport connectivity and walkability to the Dublin 2 core office district; a higher than usual density should I feel be permitted.

What was clearly missing from the original application was been moving the blocks around in a manner that respected Pembroke and Landsdowne Roads.

What is clearly required is an outcome that does not damage the character of Dublin’s most attractive mixed use district whilst providing the City with a density boost and the banks with an exit route by way of an agreed planning consent that could be sold on to an International developer or pension pool.

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