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Some posts grabbed from the Alto Vetro thread:

Yesterday, 08:34 PM

”Still, D4 is still up in the air until they finally decide on what form the Ballsbridge development will take..

Jeez, I wish they had just let the first high rise plan go ahead, One Berkley Court would have been spectacular”.

Yesterday, 10:34 PM
Cathal Dunne:

”I agree. I can’t stand Seán Dunne as a person, but his plans for the area were very dramatic, confident and would have added a lot to Ballsbridge. It’s so unfortunate that his plans were shot down”.

Today, 09:42 AM
thebig C:

”The Landmark 37 storey building was truely excellant. The rest of the surrounding 6-15 storey brink slab sided buildings were absolute dross.

However, rather predictably it was the tower which drew all the ire from the ususl suspects and the good citizens of D4. In fact before ABP shot the whole thing down, Dublin City Council were prepared to let the development go ahead minus the tower!……proof if it were needed that they are purely concerned with height not quality!”

I can understand some wistful fondness for the days of ambition and sky scrapers, but we can’t afford to forget that this scheme would have represented a massive distortion in the planning of Dublin’s central business district and a huge imposition on the still legible19th century streetscapes of a decent inner Dublin suburb.

From what I’ve seen of the new scheme, it’s much more modest in scale, but woefully less ambitious in terms of architecture, urbanism and adding new connections.

It’s like as if they’ve just stopped trying.

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