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Eh PVC have you seen Brenda Powers article from yesterday? Charming allusions of elder people with “mature vegetation” – classy stuff altogether – up there with Mary Ellen Synon’s and Kevin Myers’ uglier moments… It’s her who has got personal with oap objectors – clicky linky if you havent seen it before“Mature vegetation,” according to An Bord Pleanala, also stood in the way of the plan, which hardly came as a surprise to anybody who saw those eloquent images of elderly D4 residents recoiling in horror from the scale model of the planned development, as though even the tiny replica stank of new money

The the mature vegitation remark is in fairness attributed to ABP which was further clearly seperated from the residents who were said to recoil from the scale model which was stated to stink of new money; which in comparison to the design style being quite planned in an American way and funded by Scottish Banks couldn’t have seemed to be a very new chapter in the history of Ballsbridge.

I think the article cannot be treated as one on planning but expresses a very valid sociological observation which I fully agree with; namely that South Dubliners are in comparison to other urban popultations snobs and have an air odfdisdain that is only surpassed by privately educated country folk who reside in the same place.

On the Val D’Isere remark totally true an example I would use I was at conference in Barcelona about 18 months ago with members of our various European office and we adjourned to Peurto Olympico at about 11pm when up came a hen party dressed as prison officer (Hen) and chain gang (party). The lengths the members of the Dublin office went to describe the Ballyfermot area and why it was such a surprise that these people were there was incredible.

As someone that went to one of the two mentioned schools and have a lot of freinds that went to the other I can say with certainty that the attitude she describes is very real and the way it was applied to Sean Dunne is symptomatic of the way people in D4 and more recently D6 think. Ask yourselves when you see someone in a Toyota Pick Up truck and a pin striped suit what are your thoughts?

Would I want to live opposite a scheme of the scale? No; if I owned a house close to it would I throw the kitchen sink at it? Probably

But would I descend to personal attacks on its promoter having a go to get around Dublins interpretive planning code or was Brenda Power’s article infactual or did it contain perceptions that were unfounded? No chance

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