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@alonso wrote:

When are DCC gonna be investgated?

They’re being investigated already, DCC are doing it themselves, just to be sure that it’s being done properly :rolleyes:

Actually there’s no point in investigating this planning decision, what are you going to find out? . . that Kieran Rose loves Los Angeles! . . that the Development Plan is a general guide not a operating manual . . . that well paid architects are capable of justifying anything to anyone . . . we know all of this already!

To move on from where we are with this, someone needs to sit down and work out what the essence of Ballsbridge is. When that’s done, and properly bought into by the people fortunate enough to live and work there, it should be easier to figure out if a proposed development either enhances this essence, or damages it. As long as there are competing assessments of what Ballsbridge is, and therefore competing visions for what it should become, we going to see property developers attempting to fill the vacuum with whatever they think they just might get away with.

If Ballsbridge is an ‘urban village’ as repeatedly denied by Sean Dunne, then it’s also up to the people who believe that this is the case to accept that the regeneration of an ‘urban village’ demands urban scale first and hanging baskets second.

If Ballsbridge is a ‘national centre’, as repeatedly asserted by Dunne, what happened to Dublin?

Rose wouldn’t have been fooled by the ‘national centre’ argument, but the scary thing is that he probably saw this mega-proposal as just the start; today Ballsbridge, tomorrow Thomas Street.

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